Creating a Staging Site

This guide will explain how you can create a Staging installation which you can use to test updates and configuration changes with the live site. This is helpful if you want to make website changes but not worry about potentially taking your Live site offline. 

Login to cPanel and visit the WordPress Installer

Start by logging into the cPanel associated with your account and going to the WordPress module (you can do this by searching for it or clicking it in the list of choices from the cPanel homepage). 

Find the installation you want to stage and click the "Create Staging" button

Enter Staging Site Details

On the next screen, you'll need to specify the Staging Site domain and optionally specify the installation folder. For best results, we recommend setting up a separate staging URL (e.g.

Once you click Create Staging, the new staging installation will be automatically created. The live site's domain will be automatically updated to the staging site's URL if you're using a different URL. 

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