Software Update Policy

We monitor the plugins, themes, and WordPress core for every site on our network and perform updates where necessary. This document outlines the way that we handle these updates.

For some types of updates, we have a "lockout period" where we hold on doing an update until the update appears to be stable. The duration of the lockout period varies based on what is being updated. We mainly check to see if there are numerous updates during the lockout period (as opposed to just one) and if there are no updates within the lockout period, we perform the update. If there are updates during the lockout period, we reset the lockout period timer and check again until the lockout period passes with no additional updates available.

A plugin receives an update. 24 hours into the 48 hour lockout period, an additional update is released. The plugin will not be updated until 48 hours passes with no additional updates being pushed.

Updates to WordPress Core

Once a new version of WordPress is released we update each installation after a lockout period of 24 hours.

Updates to Themes

Well known/established themes are updated immediately. Lesser known themes have a 24 hour lockout period before updates are ran.

Updates to Plugins

Once a new version of a plugin is released we update the plugin after a lockout period of 48 hours.

Security Related Updates

If WordPress Core, a Theme, or Plugin has a security related patch in an update, that update will be performed immediately to minimize any risk for affected plugins. Sometimes a security patch is released without a known vulnerability being found/disclosed. However, if a plugin, theme, or WordPress core has a known vulnerability we will take the appropriate action to secure the site against attacks. See our WordPress Vulnerabilities doc for more information.

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