Site Backups

We perform daily backups to provide previous versions in the event of a mistake, loss of data, infection, or more. Below you'll find information outlining how your account is backed up.

Backup Types

Your account and sites are backed up in a few different ways:

  • Whole Account (Includes all sites, including development sites)
  • Per Site 

Whole Account Backups

Each TitanHost account is backed up every day and stored in two locations: on storage platform and in Amazon S3. Backups are stored in S3 for additional redundancy, so even if our storage platform disappeared tomorrow we'd still have backups of your entire account. 

What is included in Whole Account Backups?
Whole Account Backups include all data associated with your account (configuration and websites). So cPanel settings, sites files, database contents, and so on are all collected in this backup.

Account backups are performed daily and on the 1st of the month. 

Per Site Backups

In addition to Whole Account Backups we perform a backup of each of your production sites (i.e. live sites that are not under development). Per Site backups are stored in redundant off-site storage but can be retrieved easily as-needed.

Per Site backups are performed dStoraily, with the following storage guidelines:

  • 3 daily backups
    • Backups are performed daily. The last 3 day's worth of backups are kept.
  • 3 weekly backups
    • A backup is performed each week. The last 3 weekly backups are kept.
  • 3 monthly backups
    • A backup is performed each month. The last 3 monthly backups are kept.

This means that you can have backups that go back as soon as yesterday and as far as 3 months ago!

Restoring from a backup

At this time, only account backups can be retrieved via the cPanel interface. Per-site backups may be requested in a support ticket and are typically available within about 1 hour of your request being received. 

Depending on your situation, we can either restore the backup for you or provide you with a download of the backup's contents. Please note that for site with a larger number of files, restoration or the download of backup files may take a longer amount of time.

Need to request a restoration for your site?  Contact Support.

Note: We have plans to offer the ability to download Per Site backups directly within the account portal and will make this functionality available at a later time.

Using your own backup plugin

WordPress has many backup plugins available that are both free and premium (paid) plugins. In general, we would recommend not using a backup plugin on your websites for a few specific reasons:

  1. Many of backup plugins will store local copies of backups within your website, which will increase your storage usage (and potential increase your monthly bill).
  2. If the backup plugin you've implemented isn't properly coded and uses a larger amount of "resources" (i.e. CPU, RAM, etc) it could slow down your site or in some cases cause outages.
  3. We already are performing backups of your sites so in almost all situations it isn't necessary to create your own backups.

That said, there may still be a special situation where you need to maintain some kind of backups of your own. Just do so wisely by choosing a quality plugin and insuring you're managing your account's disk usage accordingly.

Have additional questions or feedback on this article?  Contact Support.