Installing WordPress

Installing a WordPress site on TitanHost is simple and takes only a few minutes. All you need is access to your account's cPanel.

Step 1. Login to cPanel

Login to your cPanel account via the  account portal or using your account's domain, such as: and entering your cPanel credentials. You should have received an email with cPanel credentials (among other things) when you first signed up for your account.

Don't have your cPanel password? Contact support.

Step 2 - Open the WordPress Installer (Softaculous)

Once you're logged into your cPanel account, locate the "Install WordPress" area, which should be the first group of options on the cPanel homepage.

If your account doesn't have any existing WordPress installations, you'll see the "Install WordPress" icon. If you have multiple WordPress sites installed, you'll see a list of the sites in your account. Regardless, if you type Install WordPress in the cPanel search box, the appropriate option will be visible.

On the next page, you can click the Install Now button to begin installing WordPress:

Step 3 - Install WordPress

On the next screen, you'll need to enter some information about the site you want to install. In almost all cases, you'll be installing a site that has its own separate domain, or a the primary domain of your cPanel account (if its your first installation). 

The first block of choices involves the new installation's domain and location:

Choose Protocol
This setting determines if your site will use an SSL certificate (i.e. have https://in the URL). It is considered a best practice (by both us at TitanHost and the WordPress community at large) to use an SSL certificate, so you should use one unless you have a specific reason not to.

Note: If the domain you are choosing doesn't currently point to TitanHost, an SSL certificate won't be available for that domain until the domain begins pointing to TitanHost. See our support documentation on Domains for details on adding domains to your account and pointing your domains to TitanHost.

Choose Domain
Choose a domain to use for your new WordPress installation using the dropdown box. You must add a domain to your account to see the domain in the list of choices.

In Directory
This field will almost always be blank and should only be used if required. By default, your installation will be installed in the directory associated with the domain you've chosen. 

Note: If you've chosen your primary account domain for the new installation, the installation will be placed in /public_html.

Site Settings

Next, enter the site settings for the site, such as the Site Title, Site Description, and if the new installation is a WordPress Multisite Installation.

Admin Account

Next, enter an admin username, password, and email address. The system will generate a username/password by default, but you can always enter your own. Just remember to use a secure password! Be sure to copy the information you enter down for later use.

Finishing up

From here, you just need to click the Install button and you'll be done! If you want to have the site information/credentials emailed to you (or someone else), you can enter their email address in the field just below the Install button before clicking it.

Have additional questions or feedback on this article?  Contact Support.