Adding Additional Domains to your Account

All TitanHost plans include the ability to add an unlimited number of additional domains to your account. You can easily add additional to your account via cPanel.

Add a Domain

Start by logging into the cPanel associated with your account and going to the Domains module (you can do this by searching for it or clicking it in the list of choices from the cPanel homepage). 

From here, you'll be taken to the List Domains page, where you can see all the domains currently added into your cPanel. The primary domain associated with your domain will be identified as the "Main Domain" in this list. Click the Create a New Domain button to get started with adding your new domain.

When adding a domain, the two primary steps are entering the domain and then specifying which directory/folder the domain should point to.

Start by entering in your domain name (without WWW or any other prefix) into the Domain box. For instance, to add, simply enter into the input box. Once you have entered a value for the new domain name, the Subdomain field below will automatically fill in with a value. 

When you add an additional domain, the system stores it as a subdomain of your main site. So if the cPanel account's primary domain is, if the domain was added to that account, by default the domain would have a subdomain "alias" of (or similar).

From here, specify a value for Document Root. Document root refers to the directory/folder that this domain points to in your account. The value you enter here depends on your specific use case, but there are some best practices to follow.

If the domain you're adding relates to a new WordPress installation that doesn't already exist, you should enter the domain (again with no prefixes) into the Document Root folder, i.e. The directory you enter will be created automatically if it doesn't exist. If the domain you're adding should point to an existing WordPress install, the Document Root folder should be the same as the primary domain for that site.

Using this pattern, each individual site in your account has its own folder, inside your account's home directory. The primary domain for your account points to /public_html, so you won't need to make a separate folder for the primary domain.

Once you click create, the domain record will be created in your cPanel account. Once your domain is pointed to TitanHost, traffic will start flowing to the directory you specified in Document Root. See Pointing your Domain to TitanHost for details.

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